My 1 Year of Work and Travel in OZ

If you are rich for a year, what will you do? Me? I traveled the world and cared for the environment at the same time – although I am not and never have been rich and I actually traveled a lot longer than just one year.
There are a lot of beautiful places I visited, but let’s start with the continent down under, where I spend one whole year of my life to work and travel.
Australia is the only continent that is also a country at the same time. With a coastline stretching from 30,000 miles and about 10,000 beautiful beaches; and of course I visited every single one of them – not.

Ecodiversity, Tundras & Animals

Kangaroo AustraliaWhat I love about Australia is that it’s very rich in ecodiversity with a wide terrain and tundras for dessert animals most especially their national animal, the Kangaroo. Their winter starts when the upper world is dealing with the heat of the sun, and they are experiencing summer while the other half of the world is freezing.
Also, Australia is one of the most visited country by biologists, ecologist and other experts because of their rich marine, and wildlife. Some of them are yet to be discovered and some are pandemic or exclusive to the place, which is why I had to go and see myself!

Problems due to Climate Change

Before I started my journey, I read that Australia is one of the driest places on earth with soils and seas that have very poor nutrients. Well, I can confirm that now. But more about that topic later.
Even rivers in Australia are drier that other rivers in the world. And unfortunately, water pollution becomes a problem since Aussies and tourists put the marine environment under a lot of pressure. Marine-biologists Mark Alonso told me that even though it is not as rich in nutrients, it is still a home for different species of fishes, and corals plus a wide range of marine mammals and a wide variety of birds that can only on or close to this amazing continent.

Let’s Start Our Journey

Australia is a beautiful country waiting to be discovered, cared and protected by you. So let me take you on the journey to a land far, far away and evoke your interest so that maybe one day you will visit OZ yourself and experience what I experienced in my 1 year of work and travel in Australia!